KORUSA Pet Products line

Korusa Pet uses eco-friendly chlorine dioxide to sterilize the pet’s surroundings and remove odors effectively .

  • Disinfection of surroundings and environment after going out with pets
  • Sterilization and deodorization after pet’s defecating
  • Sterilization of pet’s house and cushion
  • Sterilization of pet’s toys
  • Prevention of pathogenic bacterial infections such as viruses
  • Sterilization of pet ‘s clothes

Available Packing

  • 70 ml
  • 120 ml
  • 500 ml
  • 1 liter Refill

Price Depend Upon Quantity

If you want to buy this product feel free to Contact Us.

Email: info@koreanbaba.com
Direct Email: koreamultitraders@gmail.com



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