Our Story

K&P pvt.,Ltd/Multinational Traders was established in 2010 in Pakistan to do Trading Business with Korea, Japan, Canada, Australia, USA and China.

In 2010, we affiliated with our first Korean company Samjung as a representer of their products in Pakistan.

In 2011, we make a deal with DESSIN one of the leading brand of LED masks and skin care products in Korea to be as their representer in Pakistan.

Later In 2011, we affiliated with Korusa another leading brand of cosmetics in Korea to represent their products in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Oman, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

In 2012, we affiliated with the Korean company GloboTech deals in medical & beauty products as a representer.

Later in 2012, we make a deal with Dotrade manufacturer of smart matching system to be as their representer.

In 2013, we affiliated with many other Korean companies as a representer of their products in Pakistan like KTS-Smart, Buleebang (Ginseng Tea manufacturer), Teasang, YHB, Raman, Pack & Cosmetics (PE Tube manufacturer), Daehan (Styling products manufacturer), Al-Barka (Electric products manufacturer) GetWatt (Solar panel manufacturer) etc.

In 2014, we make an online store Koreanbaba.com to sell products online in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Oman, UAE & Saudi Arabia.

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