Briquette Machine & Coal

Please check and reply accordingly for the following question.
1. Powder or small piece of coal, is this sold too or no demand in the market?
If there is buyer for this, how much is it per ton? For the lump of coal, how much is it for ton?
2. Pls inform how to use the coal in the bricks kiln?
Yeon tan can be used in the Kiln without any change of structure?
3. What capacity (in ton of coal which are used to make Yeon tan) is the most suitable in the beginning stage per Year?
1. For the use of coal in the house for heating by stove in the winter, If so what kinds of coal is necessary, forming tan or Yeon tan?
2 For the use of coal in the brick kiln, could forming tan be used? Size and shape
(round, cubic, lozenge, any shape can be available by molding) can be fixed by the
choice of user for the most effective combustion.
3. For the use of coal in the restaurant for barbecue, which kinds of coal ( Yeon tan and forming tan) is favorable ?
In the mining site, lump of coal is favorable for the preference of user.
By the supply of forming tan and Yeon tan, small piece or powder of coal can be regarded as general items without devaluation.(to make Yeon tan and forming tan, powder of coal is used as raw material with some additive) This offer could be attractive when the relative cost to make forming tan and Yeon tan could be saved by the price gap between lump of coal and powder or small piece of coal.
Feasibility test for the forming tan and Yeon tan. It would be so nice if you could guide the affordable budget of the initial investment for the production line or machinery.
The offer will be ready in the most suitable way in accordance with the basic requirement of buyer. We could supply a certain facility to any buyer as they want in the point of capacity and budget. For example, Capacity are various with 3000 ton to 100,000 ton or more a year. Price can be adjustable by the portion of automation,
The reliable requirement can be given by genuine buyer.
There will be more possibility of deal by collecting the exact information from
the market survey and potential buyer.

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We hope for maximum co-operation and long-term business relationship.
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