Re: Gravour Printing Machine— 5 Color

–General Descriptions
1. Kind of Web
PVC Sheet, BOPP, CPP, Foil, PET, NYLON, Paper 30-60g

2. Features
1) No of Colors————– 5 Color
2) Web Width—————– Max. 1,700 mm
3) Guide Roll Width———- Max. 1,800 mm
4) Cylinder Width———— Max. 1,800 mm
 5) Machine Speed————- Max. 140 m/min
6) Printing Speed———— Max. 30-120 m/min
7) Available Cylinder Dia.— pie 130
8) Unwinder/Rewinder Dia.—- pie 600

3. Structure
1) Unwinder & In-Feeding Unit — 1Set
a. Unwinder Unit———- Unwinder, Paper Core, Tension Control
Turreting, Arm Turreting, Winding Shaft.
b. Infeeding Unit——— Infeed Roller(Top, Bottom), Air Cylinder

Guide Roller.
2) Printing Unit — 5 Sets
a. Printing Cylinder
b. Side LayCylinder
c. Impression Roll
d. Doctor Knife
e. Ink Pan
f. Compensation Roll Part (Pint Control)
g. Dryer
h. Cooling Unit
i. Driving Motor
j. Guide Roll

3) Out-Feeding & Turret Rewinder — 1Set
a. Out-Feed Unit———- Outfeed Roller, Feeding Roll, Top Roller
Air Cylinder.

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