Holika Holika Prime Youth Caviar Capsule Essence

A high-quality 100% pure Beluga Caviar essence, rich in nutrients such as omega-3, amino acids and minerals,
helps to improve wrinkles and shine in the skin. It is a technology that combines gold collidal and collagen peptides and is quickly absorbed by the skin to make the skin dull and bright.
It is a plant peptide ingredient that fermented ginseng stem cells, rapeseed sprout extract, and pomegranate extract with yeast,
and helps nutrients to be absorbed into the skin quickly. Marine-derived kerosene extract found in the ocean restores the vitality and energy of the skin.  7 in 1 all-in-one effects such as wrinkles, whitening, moisturizing, elasticity, shine, skin tone improvement, and skin texture improvement.

Thanks for your interest. We are Import and Export Trading Company in South Korea & Pakistan known as the exportation of the best quality products (at wholesale prices).
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