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Cosmetics Concept Soap

ODM/OEM/PB Cosmetics Soap (02 OEM/PB Beauty Soap Series)

We have been supplying various quality beauty soaps to major Korean cosmetic companies in[1]cluding Amore Pacific and Aekyung with OEM brands as below for more than 20 years.

Functional Soap (03 Functional Soap Series)

Gold has been known as a good material for curing skin diseases, scar or inflamma[1]tion. It is also good for blood circulation and skin

Red ginseng soap is mixed with red ginseng extract, amino acid-type low-stimulating material. It is weak acid type soap, and it deeply cleanses make-up and waste on the face without giving stimulation on the skin. It nourishes skin with red ginseng and maintains healthy and moistened skin.

Baby Detergent (04 Baby Detergent Series)

It contains pure natural palm oil, collagen that has cell regeneration properties and moisturizes the skin, populace extract that has antioxidant and antibacterial properties, Houttuynia cordata that has effective cleansing effects and antiseptic properties to remove all the bacteria from baby skin. It is a high-quality antibacterial baby soap with gentle and sweet fragrance babies like.

Promotional Soap (05 Promotional Beauty Soap Series)

We are supplying quality beauty soap containing natural organic extracts to major Korean clients for the promotional soap

Powder Detergent (06 Laundry Detergent)

It guarantees performance even in cold water by effective operation of cleaning agents. It contains Zeolite that helps in changing the properties of water for effective cleaning, non-ionic surface-active agent and polymer ingredient that effectively removes ingrained stains.

Dish Detergent (07 Dishwashing detergent)

It contains vegetable surface active agent from coconut (eco cert ingredient) that beneficial for the cleaning of vegetable, fruit and dishes with more than 14% of surface-active agent. It contains Avocado oil extract (eco cert ingredient) that is gentle on skin and moisturizes skin.

Export Soap Detergent (08 Package soap for export)

Based on the experiences and accumulated technology for over 26 years, Dongbang Industrial Co., Ltd. is striving to produce and deliver the highest quality products to the consumers. Thanks to the quality recognition by consumers in Japan, significant quantity of soap produced by Dongbang are sold online in Japan.


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2.With high quality products with reasonable prices.

3.Advanced production technology

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7.We supply one-step solution service.

Main Export Markets (KOREAN BABA)

– Asia

– Central/South America

– Eastern Europe

– Mid East/Africa

– North America

– Western Europe


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