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Limitless energy source
Photovoltaic system uses solar energy as power source which has no limits
unlike fossil fuels such as petroleum, coal or natural gas.
Clean energy
As photovoltaic system converts solar energy directly to electrical power
without any combustion, it results in no air pollutants or wastes, reducing
environmental contamination virtually to null.
Distributed power source
As photovoltaic system is installable anywhere under the sun, it requires no
additional infrastructure for power transmission or distribution.
Minimum maintenance cost
As service life of solar cell is more than 20 years at the minimum,
photovoltaic systems are effectively semi-permanent and easy to
automate, minimizing costs for operation or maintenance.
Energy source of next generation
Photovoltaic system is under the spotlight as a next generation energy
source in the U.S.A., Japan, EU and many other regions around the world.

Controls Maximum Power Point Tracking
As output of solar cell varies subject to environmental parameters such as solar irradiation, ambient
temperature and humidity, solar cell power point needs to be regulated subject to changes in
surroundings. Solarlink controls its maximum power point in reference to surrounding conditions to
ensure maximum power all the time.
Ensures high efficiency
Solarlink uses IGBT to convert solar energy at high efficiency. Maximum efficiency at power rating is 96%.
Easy to operate in parallel
When it is necessary to increase inverter capacity following additional solar cell installation, you may
install more Solarlink without additional parameter changes to run multiple inverters in parallel.
Supports system monitoring and self-diagnosis features
Solarlink is designed to support full automation of inverter operation including self-diagonsis and state of
the art control technology by digital controller. Energy supply is blocked automatically in response to
utility failures and Solarlink operation status is monitored through LCD screen.
Provides monitoring system
Solarlink’s optional monitoring system is embedded with RS-232C / 422 ports and controllable remotely
through Web interface.

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